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Location: Ranch entrance is located on the south side of US 385 approximately 14.5 miles Northeast of the intersection US Highway 90 and US 385 or approximately 15.5 miles Northeast of the town of Marathon and the Historic gage Hotel. The Big Bend National Park entrance is just 42 miles south of Marathon and Alpine Texas located just 30 miles west. Midland-Odessa are situated 150 miles North of the ranch.

History: This ranch is a part of the historic Kincaid Ranch which was purchased by W.D Kincaid and D.S. Combs from J.C. Sullivan in 1907. The ranch was operated by descendants of the Combs family until 2011.

Description and Topography: This typical Marathon Basin ranch property can best be described as a grassland with rolling hills and valleys located along the southwestern, southeastern and eastern parts of the ranch. Interspersed between these hills are natural flat grasslands in the northern part of the ranch and a large drainage area traveling north through the center of the ranch. There are excellent views of the Glass Mountains to the north and Dimple Hills to the east.

This ranch is a great cow country ranch and for the past 5 years has supported between 170 and 200 head of cows year-round. There are 10 pastures which allow for excellent rotation grazing.

Topography ranges approximately 4100 feet above MSL Big Canyon Draw to 4700 feet at the top of the hills located in the southeastern portion of the ranch.

Vegetative cover is excellent throughout most of the ranch and consists of a variety of West Texas Rangeland grasses, forbs and brush. Grasses on the ranch include; side oats grama, three awns, burros grass and tobosa and salt grass. There is also a scattering of the typical West Texas plants including Cholla Cactus, Spanish Dagger and Sotol.

Water: The property is very well watered for both livestock and wildlife. Improvements include 3 wells with submersible pumps, 8 windmills and several earthen tanks scattered throughout the property. There are 3 storage cisterns with the largest having a capacity of 60,000 gallons and another cistern storing 38,000 gallons. There is a network of several miles of underground pipe connecting the wells and cisterns to the water troughs. The smaller cisterns and water system can also be gravity fed by the large cistern and water well located in the south end of the ranch. water availability is very sufficient to supply watering troughs and water storage for both livestock and wildlife.

Wildlife: This Trans-Pecos ranch located in the Eastern Marathon Basin supports a diversity of wildlife. There is a very strong herd of Antelope on the ranch in addition to Mule Deer, Elk, Aoudad, Javelina, Blue Quail and Mourning Dove. There have been a couple West Texas Trophy Elk harvested on this ranch in the past several years. Ranch owner says that the Elk frequent the middle draw of the ranch.

Improvements: Improvements include a new 100′ by 120′ metal barn and hangar with concrete floor, along with a 3150′ airstrip on the property. Barn has been plumbed to facilitate the finish out of a barndominium if desired. Also has large doors on each end. Other structural improvements include an old ranch house that needs repairs located in the southwest part of the ranch. There are several other sheds and barns.

There are 3 sets of cattle working pens with the largest being situated near the metal barn. These pens are in good shape. There are 2 other sets of smaller cattle pens located throughout the ranch.

Property can be divided into 8,350 acres and 3,700 acres.

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Randolph Ranch